Quality Tunneling Services Near Austin, TX

Casey Harrison Construction LLC offers expert construction services to meet the needs of your project. We specialize in trenching, excavation, and tunneling services in the Austin, TX, area. No matter the scope of your upcoming construction project, we have the technical skills and experience to help. Additionally, we offer discounts for high volumes of work.

What We Do

When you need to prepare land for a construction project, you want to make sure the job is done well. The team at Casey Harrison Construction LLC will ensure everything is safe, efficient, and optimized so your project runs smoothly and on time.

Our expert services include the following:

  • Concrete and paving: Are you in need of concrete or paving work for your project? We offer high-quality concrete and pavement installation.
  • Demolition: Do you need to clear your worksite prior to beginning your project? Our team can clear the space, including our site prep and cleanup services to make sure your site is ready.
  • Erosion control: Are you worried about soil runoff and silt buildup? Protect your property from potential damage with our innovative erosion control measures.
  • Grading: Do you have unlevel terrain on your worksite? We can level it or turn into a gently rolling hill based on your needs.
  • Trenching: Do you need trenches dug on your site to prep for utilities installation? Casey Harrison Construction LLC will do the job to the exact specifications needed.
  • Tunneling: Are you looking for tunneling services prior to plumbing system installation? Let our team help. We’ll work with your plumbing company to dig tunnels perfectly suited for plumbing installation.

Call the construction professionals at Casey Harrison Construction LLC for your next construction project in or near Austin, TX. Give us a call at 512-987-3615, or send us a message and request a project estimate.

  • Casey Harrison Construction


    We can turn unleveled terrain into a smooth gently rolling hill. From large acreage of land to your backyard. We can level it.

  • Casey Harrison Construction

    Erosion Control

    Disturbed soil can run off and get into creeks and streams causing silt build up and damage to property. We can lay down fabrics and silt fence materials that will minimize the damage to property and the environment. There are many options on the market today that will help resolve issues with erosion control.

Some of the services we offer

  • Site Prep and Clean Up
  • Tunneling for Plumbing Companies
  • Trenching for Utilites
  • Land Clearing
  • Demolition
  • Grading
  • Flat Work
  • Drainage and Erosion Control
  • Miscellaneous Site Work